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Bibles for India
Goal:  2000 Bibles

Help us get God's word into the hands of Christians in India through International Sanctuary Ministries. The Bibles we will purchase cost about $3.25 each. How many Bibles can you help supply?

Our goal for this drive is 2000 Bibles, but the need is great, and if we receive more funds, we can distribute more Bibles.

The people we minister to are some of the poorest of the poor. When work is available, those who are able to work generally make one to two dollars a day laboring in fields, doing construction work, or cleaning houses. Bibles in India are also not generally accessible, except through special orders such as this. People hunger to read God's message for themselves, and we are trying to help satisfy that need.

After credit card fees (about 3%), 100% of what we collect (to the amount of our goal) will go to directly to purchase Bibles in the Telugu language for the people in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Isaac, our director of operations in India, works with over 70 congregations, and will be able to distribute the Bibles to where they are needed most.

More information about International Sanctuary Ministries, Inc.: Sanctuary Home for Children helps orphans and widows and the poor in and around Tenali, India. We operate an orphanage with 100 children. We support 30 widows. We provide a school and meals for children in a slum. We drill water wells in poor villages. We help lepers, and provide other acts of benevolence as we see the opportunity. We do all this in the name of Jesus, showing His love and compassion. We spread the message of salvation through Christ, and spread God's word through local ministers and evangelists.

If we surpass our monetary goal, we will either purchase more Bibles (depending on the need), or prayerfully use the remainder to further the mission of International Sanctuary Ministries, as described above.

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Donation Options Below
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Donate by check: 

Please mail your donation to:

Sanctuary Ministries

PO Box 2238

Abilene, TX,  79604

Draft From Your Bank Account

(saves credit card fees)

Download a form Here (pdf).

Fill form according to the instructions on the page, then return it by email, postal mail, or fax.

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