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*To SPONSOR a Widow is $12 per month.


*To FEED 75 school children for one day per month in the slum called Hope Village is $25 per month.


*To SPONSOR a child at the orphanage is $50 per month.


*To SPONSOR an evangelist is $100 per month.


* To DRILL a water well is approximately $1100 each.


*Other donations are extremely important and will allow us to help the impoverished and sow the seeds of the      gospel as God shows us opportunities. 


In addition to the money received from people who sponsor a child or sponsor a widow, Sanctuary Home is dependent upon the generous donations from people like you to cover the other expenses of our mission.  Some of these expenses that are not necessarily covered by sponsorships are listed below.

  • Caring For The Orphans:  The bulk of our expenses involves caring for the children at the Sanctuary Home orphanage.  However, the $50 per month sponsor donation doesn't always cover all the needs involved with this.  Your donation to the general fund helps to cover shortfalls that we might incur.

  • Paying the Staff at the Orphanage:  We currently have nine people on payroll at the orphanage to oversee the children, make sure they are fed, taken to school, make sure they do their chores, provide security, etc.  This expense is covered by the general fund.

  • Maintenance On The Orphanage Building:  Imagine a house with a hundred children in it.  Imagine then what maintenance issues might crop up.  Your donation to the general fund will help cover costs associated with repairs and upkeep of the orphanage to help ensure that the children live in a proper, safe, and well-maintained building.

  • Medical Expenses:  If a child has a particular medical need (is sick, gets injured, or needs glasses for example), then we notify that child's sponsor and ask them to give some extra money to cover that expense if they are able.  Sometimes, however, the sponsor cannot cover the entire cost of the medical need.  Therefore, we rely on those who give to the general fund to make up the difference.

  • Transportation:  Costs of transportation are many:  fuel, vehicle repairs, general maintenance on the van, etc.  Your donation will help keep needed transportation available for the many needs of caring for the children at Sanctuary Home.

  • Overhead Costs:  We try hard to keep our overhead costs down.  We have no paid staff on this side of the ocean.  No board member receives compensationWe strive to put your donation where you intend for it to go--to help the children, the widows, and the poor.  However, we cannot avoid certain overhead costs such as postage, insurance, compliance with US and Indian law, costs associated with spreading the word about our mission, etc.  Please donate to help cover these costs.

  • Slum Areas:  Our efforts to help the slums in areas of education, food, and other forms of benevolence.

  • Evangelism:  We have recently expanded our endeavors in the region to include more direct evangelistic efforts, and your donation to the general fund will help this venture as well.  We hope to see more and more Indian souls saved as they are converted to Christianity. 

  • Looking to the Future:  We do not want to limit ourselves to what we--through asking God's guidance--have already accomplished.  We want to be open to new opportunities as He presents them to us.  Your donation to the general fund will allow us all to experience the excitement of being able to take advantage of these new ways to help as God reveals them to us.

Read below to see how your donation to our general fund is vital to our continuing mission.
Your Donations and Support are Greatly Appreciated
(and are tax-deductible!)


For other arrangements, email us at

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Snail Mail: ​

PO Box 2238, Abilene, TX  79604

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."    -- James 1:27
"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."   
-- Matthew 28:19