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Donate By Credit Card or Debit Card:

One-Time or Recurring Donations:

One-Time or Recurring Donations:

Donate Through PayPal:

Draft From Your Bank Account:

(saves credit card fees)

Download a form Here (pdf).

Fill form out according to the instructions on the page, then return it by email, postal mail, or fax.

Bill Pay from Your Bank Account:

This option also does not take out any fees from the donation.

Log in to your bank account online and navigate to the "bill pay" section.  Set up to "pay someone new" or "add an individual or company to pay."  (Different banks might use different terminology.)  Put in "Sanctuary Ministries" as the new payee.  You will also need to put in our address, which is PO Box 2238, Abilene, TX  79604. Next, you can select the amount to pay, and how often to pay it (monthly or whatever).  IF there is a "memo" option, please tell us what the donation is for (eg:  Evangelist Sponsorship, Child Sponsorship, Water Well, Lepers, Widows, Building Fund, etc.).

Donate by check: 

Please mail your donation to:

Sanctuary Ministries

PO Box 2238

Abilene, TX,  79604

For other arrangements, email us at


*To SPONSOR a Widow is $12 per month.


*To FEED children for one day per month in the slum called Hope Village is $25 per month.


*To SPONSOR a child at the orphanage is $50 per month.


*To SPONSOR an evangelist is $100 per month.


* To DRILL a water well is approximately $1325 each.

* To HELP a group of Christians with leprosy with their medical treatements is any amount.


*Other donations are extremely important and will allow us to help the impoverished and sow the seeds of the gospel as God shows us opportunities. 


Your Tax-Deductable Donations and Your Support are Greatly Appreciated
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