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Noah Gollamandala
 Brother Noah is a minister for the congregation at Wyra, a village in the state of Telangala, India.  Noah began spreading the gospel in 2003.  
Srinivas says, "We are doing the Lord's work amidst many financial pains, hardships, toils, temptations and oppressors. Some times we have no money to travel for Gospel journeys.

There are many times when we are hungry and have trouble  
So we beg you to be generous and give us some monthly support.
Please give your golden hands and spread your love so that we can gain more power [for the Lord] and win more souls with your help.  Need your great prayers and love upon us.

Your support could allow this local minister to become a full-time evangelist.  He would be able to travel the area, conduct gospel meetings, work with and assist other ministers, support widows, etc.

How to Support This Minister
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