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M. Prem Kumar

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 Brother Prem Kumar is a minister for a congregation at Vishakhapatnam, a village in Andhra Pradesh, India.  He also serves two other congregations*.  Prem Kumar is 36 years old.  He was baptized at age 18 by his father, who himself was a devoted minister.  From that time, Prem Kumar began helping his father in his ministry.  In addition to being trained by his father, Isaac Paliparthi (our director of operations in India) also worked with Prem Kumar, helping him grow and develop. 

In 2013, when Prem Kumar was 26, his father died of a heart attack.  From that time forward, he assumed the responsibility of minister to the congregations his father had helped develop.  Isaac continues to be a teacher and mentor to Prem Kumar as he serves the Lord and his congregation.

Prem Kumar is married with two young daughters.  He also cares for his mother.  He has a passion for connecting with God and with people.

Prem Kumar says, "Now my financial situation is not good enough.  Even I am unable afford good nutrition for my children, and my mother is Diabetic and BP patient we are spending money on her medical expenses every month.

Your support could really help this preacher in his ministry to his three congregations.  You could also help as he tries to reach people in neighboring villages, bringing more souls to salvation.

*One of the congregations that Prem Kumar serves is currently trying to build a new church building.  The old one was became dilapidated and unable to be used for worship.  Without help, it often takes years for a poor congregation in India to complete their building.  Sanctuary Ministries has helped this congregation, providing some funds to help them finish construction. 


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(Above and below):  the site of new construction for a church building for one of the three congregations that Prem Kumar serves.
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M Prem Kumar and family.jpg
 Brother M. Prem Kumar with his mother, wife, and two daughters.
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