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India seems to be full of widows. These women are considered by their own culture to bring bad luck. A widow's bad karma is believed to have been the cause of her husbands' death, and therefore the cause of her own outcast position. These widows are usually not cared for by their own or their husbands' families, but are left to fend for themselves, which is even more heartbreaking if they have young children.
Sanctuary Home is reaching out to some of the widows in the Tenali area by providing them with something to sustain them.  

With $20 a month, the widows are provided rice and other food, and a small amount of rupees, to help the widows to avoid begging on the streets.

Many but not all the women we help are true widows. Some have been abused, some husbands have labandoned the family...but the end results are the same:  Women left, often on the streets, with no support from family, which equates to a real struggle to survive.

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