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Spreading God's Word

At Sanctuary Ministries, we have many projects, but we have only two overriding principles:  To help the destitute and to spread the gospel of Christ.  We believe that when we help feed the needy or provide a safe place for children or bring water to slum areas or assist widows in making a living, we are doing the work that God wants us to do.  We have scriptural bases for this benevolence.  In doing so, however, we are only providing for the physical, or temporal, needs of these people.  We also want to feed them spiritually, through the sharing of God's love and the teaching of salvation.  In Western nations, we take for granted the news of Jesus.  While many still refuse to follow Him, we still see churches on every corner in some places.  People in the West are generally familiar with the story of Christ.  People in India, however, are steeped in a totally different religion.  Their long history, their traditions, their religion are totally different.  When they hear the Good News, it is initially something totally foreign to what they have ever heard before.  While we cannot reach the whole world through what we do, we are striving to reach these people who are in need, while sharing the freedom, the hope, the love that the Gospel provides.  Our hopes are to reach and convert as many souls as possible while we help them with their physical needs.  We pray for God's cultivation as we plant the seeds of His kingdom.  We know that some seeds may fall on the path, or on rocky soil, some may be choked by thorns, but some seeds will be scattered in the good and fertile soil, where it will take root and grow.  We pray for fertile soil.  We pray that the people we help physically will accept Christ and spread His Word even further.


Please consider contributing to Sanctuary Ministries by using the DONATE button on this page, or contact us.  Also, check out our evangelist page HERE.

If you cannot help our mission with monetary support, please join us in prayer for the successful spreading of the Gospel throughout India and the world.


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