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Donate to Feed the Children
Choose one of the options below or contact us HERE.

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Or text FEEDHVKIDS to 44321

Other Donation Options
Draft From Your Bank Account:

(saves credit card fees)

Download a form HERE (pdf).

Fill form out according to the instructions on the page, then return it by email, postal mail, or fax.

Bill Pay from Your Bank Account:

Log in to your bank account and set up a bill pay to International Sanctuary Ministries, PO Box 2238, Abilene, TX  79604

Donate by Check

Please mail your donation to

International Sanctuary Ministries

PO Box 2238

Abilene, TX  79604

Feed the Children of the Hope Village Slum

The children of the slum area we call "Hope Village" do not go to public school.  Instead, they rummage through trash in the mornings in search of items for their parents to use or sell.  When they return home in the afternoon, we provide an unnofficial school for these children.  We also feed them when we have the funds to do so.


It takes just $30 to feed one meal to all the 55-60 children of the slum.


Please help us feed these hungry children.

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