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Srinivas Sangasani

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 Brother Srinivas is a minister for the congregation at Thallada, a village in Andhra Pradesh, India.  This devoted preacher has been serving the Lord since the year 2000.  He trained in preaching at Suryapet Bible school and Andhra school of preaching at Hyderabad.
Srinivas says, "T
he increasing prices, the small amount of contributions received by the congregation every week*, the frequent hunger and illness conditions did not allow me to move forward in the way which I had planned.  There were many times when I became mentally depressed, because there are not enough funds to take the gospel to many places.  

We pray that you can extend your love to us and give us monthly support help to reach our needs.

So that we can do more service and save many souls, by yours kind encouragement.

Please remember us in your regular prayers."

Your support could allow this local minister to become a full-time evangelist.  He would be able to travel the area, conduct gospel meetings, work with and assist other ministers, support widows, etc.

*The amount of contribution collected in these poor villages in India usually amounts to merely enough to purchase communion supplies, and to pay the small electrical bill for the church.
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